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waterbom bali


On the Friday the 12th of February we went to Waterbom Bali. The journey to the waterpark was just a normal drive, a simple hour drive it didn’t feel like 1 hour it felt like 30 minutes.

When we got there, there was a biggish lobby with a gift shop and a counter to enter or buy tickets but we had booked it so we just passed on through then we walked to the changing room me, dad and Ben just took our tops off but mum had to go the changing room and put her swimsuit on.

When we got to the first part there was two slides the boomerang and the super bowl. We decided to go on the boomerang first so we took our double floatie rings and started to climb the stairs. About a quarter of the way up the queue started ,it took about 15 minutes to get to the top and about 10 minutes through it started raining yes raining but I didn’t bother me.

So when we got to the top me and mum went first we were the test dummies, so you get in your ring then you go forward a bit then you stop for a moment then you go forwards down a tube then you go down and right backup at almost a straight up angle and back down backwards reeeeally fast then it ends into a pool and you hop out of your ring climb out of the pool and sit down on a wall to rest for a moment.

Next we went to the super bowl only because its right beside the boomerang so you took your ring, walked up queued and all that then you put your ring down hop in and your good to go. So you go forward then down suuuper fast then out in to the outside air and round then round again each time the circles got smaller then you stop and pushed yourself round and through a hole that was short but fast then out to the pool and out then you sat down on the same wall for a rest.

Next up I’ll tell you about the double twist. So this one is on a tower with two different levels and three different slides but this one was a pod that is slanted the doors open you step inside next the doors close when your inside then you get a countdown 3...2...1 then the trapdoor opens below you .You then fall down and do a double twist that’s why it’s called double twist but anyway after you just go down and out of the slide apparently when I came out my lips were blue they must’ve it was that scary but I can’t see myself!

Next there was the fast ‘n fierce it was pretty simple so you put your legs straight but your feet crossed like most slides then you let go of a bar at your head and quickly cross your arms then you slide down then forwards then down again and that’s it, it wasn’t too scary but it was very fun that’s for sure.

Now for the final slide the scariest of all, the smash down 2.0. This slide is 26 metres high that is very, very tall it is like the double twist at the start the whole pod thing, the countdown and all that then the trapdoor opens you go straight down the whole way at an amazing speed of 70 kilometres per hour oh yes it’s also open roofed almost the whole way then torture ends I was happy it was over I could barely walk!!!

That’s my report on Waterbom Bali thanks for reading.

By Ben

On Friday the 12th of February we decided to go Waterbom Bali.

Fun facts about Waterbom Bali

  • It is the best water park in Asia
  • It is the third best in the world
  • ​It has the longest water-slide in distance in the world
  • We thought it was awesome!

There I hope you enjoyed some of them.

Tom told you about the rides he enjoyed so I will tell you the ones I enjoyed.


Twin racers was a ride where you went down a mat on your belly!!! So before we went down we had to carry the mats up with us. When you got up the big tower that 4 other rides where on you had to queue for about 5 minutes.

The way you had to get in was strange because you had to stand up with the mat against your belly and then lunge yourself in to the ride but of course me and Tom got stuck at the start because we weren’t heavy enough to give ourselves the boost we needed so the guide pushed our feet had we were off.

The first bit was enclosed so it wasn’t too bad and there was a bit I was waiting for because there is a place where you can see people do the 4 rides from the tower and I was thinking that this is going to be freaky but it wasn’t so bad until I got to this point.

The thing I am talking about is a straight down bit where you’re on your belly and all you can see is straight down. Afterwards it wasn’t that bad really and I was really happy that I did it. That’s enough description for that one let’s move on to the next one.


The lazy river wasn’t as good as any other ones because it was really slow and you were in a ring you should know what a lazy river is so I hope you don’t need too much description on what it is so I’ll tell you my lazy river experience at Waterbom Bali.

Just like every ride that you go with someone the lightest goes to the front so I hoped in and so did my dad and we were off.

The first part was really relaxing so I lay back and enjoyed it, then I put my legs through the bottom of the ring because there was a hole there and it wasn’t as relaxing because there were lots of holes spraying water out. Some of them were powerful water and some not so powerful but it didn’t matter because every time we passed one my dad pushed the ring towards the water and put my face in it. When it came to the bail point mum and Tom didn’t see it in time so they just had to wait until the next point to get out.

Altogether the lazy river was good.


The green vipers ride is one of three rides with the name the same as a snake and the only ride you can decide to go in an opened slide or a closed slide and no matter what you go on your own.

The opened roof is slower for safety reasons so we all choose the enclosed one. The only bad thing about all these rides are all the steps to get up to them but other than that it’s good. The green Vipers was no different.

I really wanted to do this ride so I was really excited to do it and I was not disappointed.

On the pipeline (which my mum will do) you went in an enclosed tube on your own and loads of water got in your face but the green vipers wasn’t the same even though it was very similar.

The green vipers was one of my favourites but I can’t even remember it so I’m sorry I can’t describe what it was like but I hoped you enjoyed the rest about green vipers.


Python is 2 of 3 rides named after a snake and this is also one of my favourites and I can remember what it was like YYYYAAAAYYYYY!!!!

So the start of it was lots and lots and lots of steps not a big surprise there is it?

When you got up the steps you had to wait in a ten minute queue and then we all got in one ring me, Tom, Mum and Dad all got in one ring together and we were off.

At the start the guide pushed you so you spun around and then went in. At first it was pitch black and I had no idea where I was most of the time the only thing I knew was I was in a pitch black hole with my mum, dad and brother and I felt as if I could fall out at any moment.

The last bit was not as dark and you could actually see. You went up the side of the slide and then another and back again until you reached the little pool where you get out. Altogether it was a really fun ride and I hope we go back again.


I think you are starting to see a pattern in all the ride names (Hint Hint there are all named after snakes) Anyway there were.... Actually you have a guess what there were lots of.....People, Nope try again.... STAIRS BINGO YOU GOT IT HIGH FIVE (Slaps the computer)

So after all the stairs or steps whatever you want to call them we were there and there was nobody was in a queue YAY so Tom and mum went first before me and Dad and before me and dad got in they said it was a slower one so we got in and did it and..IT.WAS.GREAT.

It really was fun because while in the ring you could see the waves curling up really big so you knew it was going to be a sharp turn and a big splash and that was like the whole ride so I won’t bore you by saying the same sentence over and over and when we all got out we decided to most of the rides again but that would boring for you and a very long report for me all I will tell you is it was still really good even after the first time.

Please, Please, Please go and check out waterbom bali’s website for videos of all the rides so you can see what they were like JUST DO IT.

By Mum

Well I think the kids have done very good reports. I will tell you about Pipeline. Again lots of steps involved to get to the top of the slide. As the name suggests it is a pipeline, clear tubing with lots of twists and turns. Great fun for all the family.

Something the boys didn't mention was the rain....it absolutely poured out of the heavens. Thunder and lightning , it was so bad the rides had to be closed for a while. We sat it out in a cafe and had a drink.

The rain did not bother us, we were all wet anyway but the kids did get cold.

The staff at this attraction are fantastic, very friendly and helpful and really want to make sure you have a great day out. Another thing to note was the very good food. For a tourist attraction the food was excellent and not over priced, certainly more expensive than local fare but they didn’t get the arm in.

All in all in was a great way to spend a day out with the kids, we all had a ball and will definitely return before we leave Bali.

Ben and Tom

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