Ang Thong National Marine Park-Koh Samui

Ang Thong National Park

By Mum

On Friday 22nd January we had booked a trip to the Angthong National Marine Park. This is a chain of 42 islands just off the coast of Koh Samui. And we decided the best way to get there would be by speed boat.

We had looked at several options but decided to go with a company called Lomlahk and booked it with a local agent.As with many trips in Koh Samui they include transport options but as we had hired a car we didn’t need this. Yeah right! You would think we would learn after Canopy Adventures.

Anyway we left the villa at 7.30am to drive 30 minutes or so to Bangrak Pier, which is where we had been told to go. We went to Bangrak...wrong pier. Went to another pier...wrong pier. Went to ANOTHER guessed it, wrong pier.

Ang Thong

By now it was 8.30am and the boat was going to leave at 9.00am and we still didn’t know where we had to go.At the last pier they decided to transfer us by minibus and we drove for 20 minutes to Lomparay Pier which is only about five minutes away from our villa!

We could have left the villa at 8.30 and still have been there on time. Now we were at the correct pier but our car is now in Bangrak! The joy of travel.

We checked in and then queued up to get on the boat; the manners of some people however are amazing. They just walk to the front of a queue without a care in the world. I was really losing my patience, but held my tongue...for a while.Three young girls tried to walk past us and I told them ever so politely they needed to join the END of the queue.

Now all this pushing and bunking worked out really well for us, there were no seats left inside the boat for us all to sit together. Michael and I got to sit at the front of the boat and the boys sat beside the captain. We were joined by the three young girls I had spoken to earlier.

Life jackets were given out and we were off - Check out our video!

By Ben

The speedboat trip was really good to the islands as there was a breeze in our faces from going so fast.I sat next to Tom on a really high seat that was right beside the captain, so I sometimes looked over to see what he was doing.

I was next to the window so I could look in the sea to see if there were any fish. I didn’t actually see any but it didn’t really matter too much so I talked to Tom and enjoyed the rest of the ride.

The sea was very calm so the ride wasn’t bumpy at all and the sea was a very nice colour.

The staff on the boat were very good and spoke really good English they were also very friendly which made the ride a lot more enjoyable. I loved looking at how close we were getting to the islands as they were really amazing and the weather was perfect for a day trip like this.

angthong speed boat

When we arrived at the first island I decided I wasn’t going to do the snorkelling so I stayed on the boat with Mum and sweated to death while Dad and Tom were snorkelling.

We had brought some snacks so I decided to mash up a little Pringle and threw it in to see if any fish came and loads did.There were really colourful ones, long ones, short ones and amazing ones.

I was then told by one of the staff to come with him so I followed him inside the boat and he told me to sit up on the driver’s seat. I put one hand on the wheel and the other on a thing that looked like an accelerator and reverse thingy.

When Tom and Dad came back from snorkelling I asked them how it was they said it was really good but the water wasn’t as clear as Menjangan Island they also said the snorkelling wasn’t as good but still really good and the same with the corals.I think it would’ve been better for them if they hadn’t gone to Menjangan Island.

fish at angthong

Tom said as soon as you got in the water there were thousands of fish below your feet and that he saw a small manta ray fish. Next I couldn’t wait to get going again because you get really warm sitting outside in 30+ degree heat and I knew there was going to be a breeze.

Next we arrived at another one of the islands and on the way there we sailed past Monkey Island it was named that because from an angle it looked like a monkeys head. On the island we all bought drinks and me Tom and Mum went for a swim in the sea and the sea was lovely.

When the guy arrived on the speedboat to take us to another island for a buffet everyone got on the boat and they guy took us to the next island.When we arrived we all got buffet apart from me because I don’t eat much.One of the staff told us that we would spend the rest of our time here and that if we wanted to in one hour we could go kayaking for an hour.

Mum didn’t want to do kayaking so me, Tom and Dad did. When we first got on the kayak we decided that Dad and I would row first and then Tom and I would swap after a while. The kayaking is hard work so when we stopped for 15 minutes it was like heaven for my arms. About ten minutes before getting our brake Tom said he wanted to jump out and be trailed the rest of the way so we let him.

When we were getting on the kayak again it was Toms turn to row and he was really good. The second time kayaking we went through a cave with really big waves so Dad told Tom to stop rowing for a minute so he could make sure we didn’t crash into any rocks.

When we arrived at the third Island we stopped again and I wanted trailed this time so I rolled off and got trailed but before we reached our destination I let go on purpose.

The third Island was the nicest and we think that is the island were you camp.

When we headed back to Mum ,Tom wanted to row again so I was like sure go ahead whatever you say. When we were coming round the corner to Mum again Tom gave it his best so Mum could see how good he was and she thought he was brilliant.

The boat trip back was mad because the waves were pretty bad so Tom and I just bounced about until it was over. Just before we stopped we sailed past David Beckham’s house and then went back to the dock.

We got the coach back to our car and headed home from a great day at Angthong National Marine Park and I would recommend going if you get the chance.

By Tom

When we arrived at the calm shaded bay for snorkelling I jumped in to the water with dad, when I first got down under water I couldn’t really see anything because of the bubbles but when I put my snorkel in my mouth there was lots of big-ish fish right at your feet, like thousands of fish at your feet.

When we swam out a bit there were corals a few that looked like durians. Near one of the corals I saw a small manta ray zoom under the coral really quickly. So we swam out further and dad told me to lead the way and I did.

When we were coming back dad told me he saw a big yellow fish and then on the way back to the boat we saw a few of the same big yellow fish. So we swam back to the boat and it was the same things at the boat and we hopped on the boat and we were off to the next bay.

When we arrived at the second bay we had drinks and went for a swim, then we got back on the boat to the next bay.

At the bay you got a free buffet lunch I got some chicken with sauce and a Pepsi, it was very nice. We stayed on the island for about 30 minutes then we went kayaking.

Ben and dad went first while I sat in the middle of the kayak; the second and third time I paddled in front apparently I was really good.The first time I was paddling the kayak we went through some caves that were really wavy so I didn’t paddle until we were through the caves. Once you get the hang of paddling it feels really quick and good.

The last paddle I did at the end I went really quick for mum to see me she said I was amazing and so was Ben. We got a last drink I had strawberry fanta( I don’t know if you can get that in Belfast) dad had coke and so did mum Ben just had water.

Eventually we got on the boat and sailed back to the docks past David Beckham’s house with a back with lots of waves but it was great fun.

Ben and Tom

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Mandy ( Patrick's mum)

The speed boat sounded fun. Kayaking in heat must be hard work – I think I’d opt to get towed in the water !

    Ben and Tom

    Hi Mandy (Patrick’s Mum lol)

    Thanks for reading the post. We had great fun but it was hard work ok. Tell Patrick I said Hi and I hope to get another skype with him soon.

    Ben & Tom

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