Fireworks and Festivities on New Years Eve

new years eve koh samui 2016

By Mum

How were we going to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Koh Samui? This was a question that had been playing on our minds for a while. As a couple we don’t really DO New Year’s Eve. I am normally in bed at my usual time and don’t make a big fuss of it. But the boys are that bit older and we are on our travels! Nothing is normal this year.

We had been going to a great little beach restaurant, with great views, food and staff. The owner told us they were having a NYE party with a Thai buffet and fireworks, so off to Freedom Beach we would be going.

       Looks Nice!

As we have mentioned before the roads here are steep and the road to Freedom Beach is no exception. You really need nerves of steel and I am only a passenger! Don’t know how Michael does it. But I digress.

We got there about 8.00pm and there were lots of other tourists but also many locals. It was a great atmosphere. We sat at our favourite table, which had been reserved for us! Who needs celebrity status when you have two wee boys who can charm the birds out of the trees?

Drinks were ordered and we headed for the buffet. So many foods to try and all freshly prepared. They even made chips for Ben as they knew he didn’t like Thai food. Brilliant staff going the extra mile.

We had our food and drinks and then the owners granddaughters put on a little show, dancing to traditional music. It was great fun.

Meanwhile a large man tried to go down the steps to the beach, there was an almighty bang! The steps ( wooden planks) had given way and he fell through them onto the beach! A bit of a palava followed although the staff did not seem too concerned. The man was ok but he was very lucky he didn’t break his leg.

Some fireworks were let off at this time and the boys loved it.

The staff then began to present each member of their staff with a gift, it reminded me of secret Santa but each person picked a ticket and then gave a present to the person they picked. It was great fun and the staff seemed to be having a wonderful time. It was a real pleasure to be able to witness the locals doing what they do on NYE.

At about 11.00pm we decided to go down to the beach. There is a great tradition here of lighting lanterns and letting them float off into the sky and making a wish. We had bought a few and thought this would be as good a time as any to set them on their way.

After a few attempts and the friendly advice from a local lady our lanterns went floating off into the night sky. So many other people were doing this and it was a beautiful sight watching all the lanterns light up the sky.

We walked along the beach and sat down on some steps, listening to all the sounds and thinking about how lucky we were to be spending NYE in Koh Samui.

At 12.00pm we could see and hear fireworks going off around the whole island. It was spectacular. We just sat on the beach and took it all in. It was a pretty spectacular display with lots of different resorts and restaurants setting off their displays at once. Eat your heart out Sydney!

We headed back to the villa about 12.45am and this was an adventure in itself. The car could not make it up the hill! The wheels were spinning and Michael could not get any traction. He ended up reversing back down the hill and going for it again...this time giving the car a bit more welly. After a few attempts we finally made it. I’m telling you these roads are incredible and not in a good way.

Back at the villa we looked out over the island and across to Koh Phangan and watched fireworks for another hour or so.

So this end to the year has been different to say the least. Last year this adventure wasn’t even on our radar and we still pinch ourselves everyday and remember how lucky we are to be doing all of this and the memories we are making.

So here's to 2016 and whatever it may bring. These little brown feet will continue to explore.

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