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koh samui sights

By Ben

We have been in Koh Samui for 1 month now and here is what has happened so far.

On the first day we had to get here by a coach and a ferry because the direct flights to Koh Samui were too expensive. On the coach (bus) there was a little Chinese girl in front of me called Abby who was three years old. She kept messing about and laughing until we got off our coach after an hour and a half journey. While we were walking to the ferry she was walking beside me and wouldn’t go back to her mum and granny.

When we got on the ferry Abby went to her mum and granny. We decided to sit outside to get a breeze and guess who was sitting across from us................. ABBY!!!!! And I was thinking here comes trouble. Eventually she calmed down she gave us all Chinese sweets/biscuits. She was a great kid and didn't want to leave us!

Abby, her mum and her granny were supposed to go to Bali but a volcano in Sumatra, which is close to Bali, was erupting and because of the ash all flights to Bali were cancelled so they had to go to Thailand.

When we got off the ferry the owner Giles was there to take us to our villa. The drive wasn’t long or bad until we got to the hill where our villa was. The hill was one of the steepest hills I had ever been on and doing it in the dark isn’t any better.

When we got to the villa Giles showed us around and we were amazed at how nice and clean it was. Then we had dinner which was toast and then we went to bed. The trip over from Surat Thani was great fun - and meeting little Abby was great.

So we have been in Koh Samui for 1 month now and here are the best bits so far:

The Big Buddha

One day we decided to go see a 12 m statue of Buddha that was really cool. Big Buddha is a holy place where Thai people come every day and pray to their gods. It is a large golden temple that is locally known as Wat Phra Yai.

It was built in 1972 and is one of the first things you see when you fly in. Before we left me and Tom wrote our names on brick slates that will go on the roof of a temple. When we were at the statue a plane flew straight over our heads and it was really close.

Hin Ta Hin Yai

Another day we went to the famous Hin Ta Hin Yai rocks - Grandmother and Grandfather rocks. When we got there it started to spit but we thought it would be over in 2 minutes. When we arrived after a short walk we met a girl called Monique who we had met on the plane! She told us she had got married a few days before, but not legally (say what?). She showed us some photos of her wedding and then it started to lash. We made a quick retreat back to the car. Even though it was only a short walk we were all soaked. We headed back to the villa so have decided to go another day when the weather is better.

We made it back another day and got some photos of the rude rocks! We had a nice lunch in a small restaurant beside the rocks - really nice and not too busy.


So far the weather has been exciting to watch as we have never seen anything like this before, the thunderstorms are amazing. Unfortunately this means we have not done as many activities as we would have hoped. But it is the rainy season after all.

Our villa is on a hill looking out towards the sea and we love to watch the storms rolling in. A perfect example of why we can’t do activities was Hin Ta and Hin Yai. I have included a video of the rain and thunderstorm, I hope you enjoy it.

The thunder and lightning are mad and one night my Dad said he felt the house shaking it was that bad, scary or what. When it clears up, it is very hot - even when it is raining it is still hot!

Restaurants’ and Bars

The food in Thailand is amazing, even the bars. Most of the time I’ve had chips but by the sounds of things I think the food is great. The main place we go to is Haad Bang Po which is a small Thai restaurant just around the corner. It’s on a beach with lovely staff and amazing food....perfect.

      Fishermans Village

     Beryl's Beach

      Beryl's Bar

     Relax Beach Club - by Tom

We have tried quite a few places as it is very cheap to eat out, we love the street food and the Night Markets are great places to try out something new. They sell fried cockroaches but we have not been brave enough to try them just yet! My favourite food to eat at the markets is crepes which I have with icing sugar. Delicious, my Mum has started to make them for breakfast and I love them.

That’s all for now from Koh Samui

By Tom

Loi Krathong Festival

On 25th of November we went to Chaweng Lake to see the festival of Loi Krathong - a Thai celebration of the Full Moon. It means "to float a basket" and is celebrated all over Thailand and people make little baskets with candles and incense and float them in lakes and rivers to make offerings.

Before we left at about 5:30 in the evening the cleaner Nam told us the festival starts at 9:00 at night so we left to do things in Chaweng any way.

It took a while to get there because of traffic but when we got there we had an explore around the big market. After that we crossed the road to McDonalds I had a McVerySpicy burger - mum and dad had nothing Ben had chips.

Then we went back to the lake and bought 2 Krathongs one cost 50 baht the other 75 baht. Then while sweating to death we made our way past all the people to the lake.

So we got our candles lit up, made our wishes and put them in the water. Then we got some food ate it all then dad got some more. After that we left for a walk about then we found a place for a drink I had a mocktail, Ben had apple juice, dad had a Chang beer and mum had a weird brown Mojhito. Mid way through our drink Ben knocked over the table, his apple juice fell over, dad grabbed his beer bottle then it hit Bens glass and Bens broke in half. Two minutes later mum asked him if he wanted another apple juice he said no but the staff brought one anyway.

loi krathong in koh samui

It was a great night out. There were lots of local people and some tourists too all enjoying the market, the food and of course Loi Krathong. Seeing all the floating candles was amazing.

Well that’s my 25th November for you!

Ben and Tom

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