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The Wedding

  By Ben. On Sunday the 30th of June 2019 we attended the wedding of a couple, Tim and Jaa, who we have known for around 4 years. We met them at their restaurant ,Hemingway’s on the Beach in Koh Samui and have since gotten friendly with them. He is an Englishman and she is […]

Bustling Bali

By Mum We have been in south Bali for about five weeks and to be honest we are finding it hard to adjust to the surrounding chaos we find ourselves in. The constant noise of traffic and tooting of horns at all hours is not ideal and not very conducive to the calm and peace you expect […]

Christmas in Koh Samui

By Mum We knew this year was going to be very different as we would be away from home for Christmas. None of the usual traditions would be followed and we would have to come up with alternative ways to spend our Christmas. As I have not been driving here I could not “nip to the shops” […]

Tantalising Thai Food

Report by Mum We have been in Koh Samui for about two weeks now and one of the most overriding things we have experienced is the wonderful food. We had certainly been spoiled by Nita in Bali who cooked all fresh Balinese food for us and we didn’t know how we would react to the changes […]