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canopy adventures koh samui

By Ben

On Monday the 10th of January me and Tom used one of our vouchers from Santa to go to Canopy Adventures in Koh Samui.

Canopy Adventures is a zip line park located on Maenam or Soi 5 - not far from us. The drive was ok to Maenam as we had been quite a few times before.

We arrived at a little bar/cafe/restaurant and mum asked if Canopy Adventures was up a rocky hill that our car couldn’t get up. The man said it was up there but it was a 1 kilometre walk up but he would take us up for 500 baht which is about 10 pounds which was far too expensive.

He also kept asking my mum if we could phone them and they would take us up but my mum doesn’t have a Thai sim card so she can’t phone any Thai numbers and I don’t think the man understood.

So my mum went up to the main bar and asked a girl with very good English if she could use her phone, she said yes and my mum bought a few drinks to thank her.We then went up to the seating area and had a drink.

A person in a 4x4 jeep came and collected us. We decided to sit at the end of the jeep because it was open and we thought the ride couldn’t be that bad....... WE WERE WRONG.

The start wasn’t too bad a few bumps along the way, then we came to a vertical hill and we thought this was it and we just had to walk up it........ We were wrong....... again.

We were thinking surely he isn’t going up there but he was. My mum looked like she was going to be sick, I’m sure we all did.

When we got off the jeep we had to walk up some shaky, old, wooden stairs in the middle of the jungle.

After we trekked up the hill we arrived at Canopy Adventures. There was a little hut filled with all the gear and harnesses along with some helmets. Sitting at a table with a long bench around it was a Danish couple who were on their honeymoon. They had just been and said it was brilliant and really high. The man from the couple showed us a video of his wife zip lining and it looked really fun.

When we were all ready to go we put all of our gear on and had to walk through the boiling jungle with harnesses and helmets on for about twenty minutes - it doesn’t sound too bad but believe me it was.

When we reached the practice point the two guides told us to sit down for ten minutes to relax. In our group were two Russian people a father and a daughter and one of the guides spoke very good Russian.

Before we did the practice line one of the leaders found a big bee’s nest really high in a tree he also found lots of honey and gave to the other leader to eat. The leader who had the honey gave some to my dad and he didn’t like it.

The first zip line was through some trees out into the jungle and to the next platform. The leaders would shout slow down once you were near the end and you would pull down on the zip line and they would hook you on and off the line.

I can’t remember all the zip lines because there were fifteen off them so I’ll tell you the best ones. I also keep calling the people leader because I don’t actually know their names.

One of the ones I can remember was where there were three different platforms and you had to climb up a ladder or two to get to the next zip line. On the one we got on to wait for our next turn one of the leaders was lying over the edge to take photos for the Russian people and Tom put his hands around his waist and pretended to push him over the edge.

Another one was where we had all went and one of the leaders was last to go so we were all sitting on a rock and he was going really fast and at the end he didn’t stop so it looked like he was going to kick us all in the face but he didn’t and it was all really a joke.

Another one I liked where there were two lines that went to the same platform so two people could go at a time. I went with Tom and we both got stuck at the end so one of the leaders rescued us while we were hanging hundreds of feet in the air.

Probably the best one was one were you zip lined beside the waterfall that was there and it was absolutely amazing.

The platforms for every line were very shaky so any time someone landed on the platform the whole thing would shake. They were very high up and built around the trees!

At one of the last zip lines we saw my mum on the ground and she tried to get some photos but because it was so fast they probably turned out to be pictures of trees.

I was asking the leaders every time what speed to go and lots of them were slow or fast, one of them was medium and the last one he said was whatever speed you want to go so I went fast. When we had finished our zip lining we had to walk down again but it wasn’t the same path as the first one so it was only about 5 minutes.

My best bits video clip!

When we got back to where we started they gave everybody rice and some soup but I don’t eat that so asked if they had Pringles because they had on a menu but they didn’t so I asked if they had any crisps but they didn’t thankfully we brought crisps so I had some of them.

The drive back down the hill wasn’t as bad because we were inside the car but it was still pretty bad. All I’m saying is I’ve had worse Mondays.

By Tom

I would like to tell you about my experience with canopy adventures. Ben has already told you about the journey, we were in the same vehicle so we had the same experience, but I will tell you about it from my perspective.

Gearing up

Before getting our harness on I sat at a bench with my family. My mum and dad were chatting to a couple of Danes that spoke amazing English but they were leaving the place so we weren’t going with them. Once they left, me Ben and dad were called to get geared up so we went into the little hut and got our gear on.


After getting geared up we walked up a hill with loads of rocks making it hard to climb but we were grand. After all the climbing we ended up on a large wooden board we sat for 5 minutes then did our practice. Ben said what it was like so I don’t need to tell you. So we walked up the stairs to the platform. I was actually a bit scared that I would mess up the brake at the end but it was fine the first line is what I’m talking about.

2nd line

Yeah I thought the 2nd line was good because you didn’t have to brake and you went quick simple as that it was good. Tom is not into too much detail(by Mum)

Waterfall zip line

You can guess what it is I think in case you can’t guess what it is it’s a zip line past a WATERFALL!!! It was beautiful just zooming through the air looking at a lovely waterfall - amazing. This time last year I did not think I would be doing that... definitely not.

My best bits video !

Into the jungle

This was a zip line where you went down, came back up and disappeared into the jungle... but it was different for me. So what happened was I went down into jungle came up and pulled the rope too soon, stopped about 2 meters from the platform.The guy couldn’t reach my hand nor my foot so he threw a rope to try and pull me in but I missed the chance to grab it so he had to climb along the rope hook me onto him and climb back to the platform apart from that everything was fine.

I had the time of my life and a beautiful lunch after the zip lining. Look at my mum's report down below DO IT.

By Mum

Having had a terrifying experience at Gardens By The Bay I had decided to sit this one out, after all I had done a zip line in Bali and there was no earthly need for me to put myself through that again. Oh how wrong was I.

The journey, of about a mile, up to Canopy Adventures was the worst car journey of my life. I have truly never been so frightened. At one stage I thought I was going to burst into tears and have a full on melt down! It was horrendous. Sitting in the back of a 4x4 pickup with your kids is not for the faint hearted.

The road was only a dirt track filled with large holes and ruts and as near to vertical as you can get, and of course on the side of a mountain with a few hundred meter drop. Sure what could go wrong?

At one stage the driver hit a rut and I bounced right out of the seat, I thought Michael was going to have a fit. He is sitting on one side of the pick-up with the boys trying to keep them jammed in. All the while my eyes are growing bigger and bigger as the fear kicks in. He knows I am the verge of a major meltdown.

I am really trying to control my fears, after all the boys are sitting watching me and asking if I am ok. I want to scream or do something that will make this journey be over but there is nothing I can do. I am stuck.

Eventually the ride is over and what was probably only about seven minutes felt like a lifetime to me. My legs were like jelly and I have no idea what my heart rate must have been.

I walked along a rickety path to Canopy Adventures and can only be grateful I had decided not to do the zip lines. I ordered a beer even though it was only 11.00am and if they had served anything stronger I would have been on the brandy.Now all I had to do was send my boys off into the jungle and think about the journey back down again!!

By Dad

Wow, great reports - not much for me to say!

They do activities in a different way in these parts. Health and safety hasn't made it this far but in many ways this adds to the experience - although it has probably given me a few more grey hairs if that is actually possible.

I have found that with these trips, getting there is usually the most dangerous part. It was the same at Aling Aling Waterfalls in Bali - the treks usually involve rickety steps, no handrails and huge drops if you should slip. Once at the activity, things are safe enough - mostly.

On this one the climb up was pretty tight and the first platform didn't fill me with confidence - lots of broken and missing boards - plus it swayed in the wind. Did I mention that I am afraid of heights!

My worst bits video!

Still, once we got to zip lining it was all good. A great experience to get the heart pumping and all set in amazing countryside. The views were beautiful and it felt like real remote jungle.

One advantage to the lack of health and safety is that it has very minimal impact on the area - at home this place would be all concrete steps and steel safety rails. Rustic (busted) wood and the odd rope seems more at home here!

It was a brilliant day out - highly recommended, but not for the faint hearted! The boys had a ball.

Ben and Tom

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