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By Mum

We have been in south Bali for about five weeks and to be honest we are finding it hard to adjust to the surrounding chaos we find ourselves in.

The constant noise of traffic and tooting of horns at all hours is not ideal and not very conducive to the calm and peace you expect from a tropical paradise... but this is what we are faced with. Very different to our time in North Bali.

I don’t want to sound like a moaning spoilt brat but want to share the down sides of travelling and staying longer term in a place. It is not all sunshine and roses.

Michael had not been feeling great for about 10 days, I was worried about him and I think this intensified any negative feelings we had about south Bali. Every small thing was bugging us and we needed to regroup and re charge the batteries. We had even thought of leaving here early it was getting to us so much.

Following Nyepi, The day of Silence, when the island stops all activity of any sort we realised just how much the constant background noise was not so much background noise but right in your face noise!

Puspa the driver we use here, as there is no way on earth you would ever think of hiring a car and driving yourself, told us his family run a boat service and small bungalow hotel on Lembongan - Rigils Bungalow.

After a bit of research we decided to take a few days to visit this island and enjoy the quiet of a small island. So off to Lembongan we went.

Puspa arranged for us to get picked up at 8.30 am on Friday 11th March. We went to Sanur where the fast boat to Lembongan leaves at 10.00am.There was a short delay with the boat leaving so we sat in the shade and had a drink. Now this is early in the morning but still extremely hot and humid. So onto the boat we all went and sat at the front as there was extra leg room....very, very bad idea!

The journey is only half an hour but was quite bumpy and very hot. Not much air flow through the boat but we were all fine...or so I thought.

Just as the boat stopped Ben said the dreaded words, “ Mum I feel sick”. I tried to get him up beside me but as he tried to stand he was swaying all over the place. I grabbed him just in time. Meanwhile Michael is frantically looking for a bag for Ben to be sick in.

I got him into a seat but he was fainting at this stage. A young Australian guy (we later found out he was called Jordan) got a hat and soaked it in water and put it on Ben’s neck. He kept putting water on it to cool Ben down. Ben came around and was sick a few times in the bag. We got him cleaned up and a few sips of water and thought as he had been sick he would be ok now...

We got off the boat, collected our shoes and bags and made our way up the steps to get the transport to the hotel. Lots of people are milling about and it is still very warm. I look at Ben and he is holding onto a small shrine, looks green, yellow, white and grey all at the same time. Then he told me he couldn’t see!!! He was very confused and then fainted again.

Michael had him propped up on his legs, meanwhile poor Tom has no idea what is going on only that Ben is sick. Again Ben came around and was sick all over the place. A very nice lady who had a young child with her gave us a lolly for a sugar hit for Ben. It worked wonders.

After another clean up and a short rest to have some water we went to the hotel and got settled in.

Not a great start to our weekend break but a few lessons learned. Always, always when traveling with kids in this type of heat have an adequate supply of water, plastic bags, tissues and lollies, Chupa Chups are good.

We had water, tissues and bags but as the journey was short I did not have these accessible enough when we needed them. When we went snorkelling the next day I had them all at the top of the backpack. Lucky we didn’t need them again.

Lembongan was two days filled with lots of activities so I will let the kids tell you about them in a different post.

We have come back to Bali for our final three weeks here with a renewed appreciation of what we have here, a beautiful villa with a pool and glorious weather. There are still horns tooting at all hours but a little bit of Mumford and Sons can drown that out.

As I post this article we are still struggling with the noise and I think the lack of independence is also affecting us all. It is hard to adjust to not having a car at the door as we had at home and in Koh Samui.

To be honest I feel guilty even saying this but we will be glad to leave Bali, not something I though I would ever say.

Ben and Tom

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