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Nyepi and the Ogoh-Ogoh Festival

By Ben On Tuesday 8th March it was the eve of Nyepi in Bali. Nyepi is a Hindu festival in which nothing happens at all, really nothing. You are not allowed to leave your villa or house; some hotels have to put things like covers over the windows and just to make sure you stay at your […]

Bustling Bali

By Mum We have been in south Bali for about five weeks and to be honest we are finding it hard to adjust to the surrounding chaos we find ourselves in. The constant noise of traffic and tooting of horns at all hours is not ideal and not very conducive to the calm and peace you expect […]

Waterbom Bali

ByTom On the Friday the 12th of February we went to Waterbom Bali. The journey to the waterpark was just a normal drive, a simple hour drive it didn’t feel like 1 hour it felt like 30 minutes. When we got there, there was a biggish lobby with a gift shop and a counter to enter or […]

Fun Stuff From Bali

This is just a quick post with some stuff from Bali – we are always playing catch up with the website – so much to do and so little time. The kids spend quite a bit of time writing reports and making the videos and photos. It is part of their school work to learn […]

Ceremonies, Celebrations and Cremations

 Report By Mum Bali has been a wonderful experience for us all and we are very sad to leave it and especially the people we have met during our stay. Although we are looking forward to Koh Samui in Thailand! One of the special things about Bali was the amount of ceremonies. They seem to have one […]

Lake Batur and a Live Volcano

Report by BenToday,23rd October, we went to Lake Batur. We wanted to go because we wanted to see a live volcano and a caldera. The caldera is the large volcanic crater formed by an eruption – they sometimes have lakes in them (Lake Batur)!The drive was long, about 2 and half hours. Finally we reached […]

Menjangan Resort

Menjangan Resort – West Bali National ParkReport by TomOn October 16th we went to Menjangan Resort for a day out. Made, the driver, came for us about nine in the morning. We decided to go to Pemuteran Beach, but only to have a look. It was a nice beach but we had other things to […]

Language Lessons in Bali

Reported: By MumWe have found over the years if you know a little bit of lingo it can go a long way. We have encouraged the boys along the way to join in with us, with some very pleasing results. They of course can pick this up and more importantly retain these new words and […]