Christmas in Koh Samui

christmas koh samui

By Mum

We knew this year was going to be very different as we would be away from home for Christmas. None of the usual traditions would be followed and we would have to come up with alternative ways to spend our Christmas.

As I have not been driving here I could not “nip to the shops” to get what I needed, Michael and the boys always needed to be there. This does not make things easy!

So Christmas Eve was spent watching the nearby roofs for elves. The boys were convinced they were being watched! Maybe they were. The elves needed to be able to sneak into the house to leave the Christmas PJ’s.

We went to the nearby town of Nathon to get our final supplies and the ingredients for a curry. That is one tradition we would hold on to - Christmas Eve curry!

6 AM Christmas Day 2015

Back to the villa and we all had a glass of Buck’s Fizz while I prepared the curry. Usually Michael does this but it was my job this year, I had gone to cooking school after all!

Michael had been able to get lanterns and we thought it would be a good idea to light one and set it off. A few issues along the way but eventually off it went into the night sky.

The boys did a final check in their room and to their great delight the elves had been and left new PJ’s. This is something that has always happened and the boys knew then that Santa would be coming. Christmas is not celebrated in Thailand and they were concerned he wouldn’t come here!

I decided to wrap the few presents we had bought and was convinced the two rolls of wrapping paper I had would be more than enough. You can imagine my surprise when I opened the rolls only to discover they were actually only 2 sheets of wrapping paper on a ROLL. Not a happy camper.

The kids went to bed full of excitement after leaving out supplies for Santa. Now Santa would be able to get into the house undisturbed.

One thing I have not mentioned is the poor internet connection in this villa, how Santa got on the internet to download games for the kids is beyond me. I’m sure he was tearing his beard out!!!

At six o’clock we were woken by two very excited kids. Would Santa have been? We went up stairs to check. This villa is upside down with the bedrooms downstairs and the living area upstairs. Santa had been!!!

By Ben

Me and Tom woke up at quarter to six and had to wait fifteen minutes before we were allowed to get our parents up and go and open our presents. So 15 minutes later we went to our parents’ room and woke them up.

When we walked up the stairs at the last one we covered our eyes so mum and dad could turn on the lights. When we opened our eyes there was a full stocking, three gifts, three strange envelopes and a letter from Santa.

First I read the letter from Santa and it said,

Dear Ben

Thank you for your letter all the way from Koh Samui. I hope that you are having a good time on your travels. I have my elves keeping a watch over you. You are being a very good and I especially like your very good manners. You have been working very well with your school work and I am very proud of you, even working at the weekends. Now this year things are a little different.

I could not leave lots of presents as I know you can’t take them with you but I hope you like what I have been able to deliver you. If there is anything I didn’t get please ask your mummy to get it for you. Continue to be a good boy and do what your mummy and daddy ask and I hope you have a wonderful day.

Love from Santa.

Mr. Claus

For Christmas I got lots of clothes including a pair of flip flops that I didn’t take off all day and also three cool little bracelets that I hope to keep on for the rest of our travels and I want to show them to my friends when I get home in Belfast.

The three letters were a voucher for a massage, a voucher for a trip on a speedboat and a trip to Canopy Adventures - that is a zip line park.

In my stocking I got lots of balloons and school stuff like pencils, colouring pens/pencils, a rubber, highlighters and a new pencil case.

After all of that a checked my kindle on my Hudl (like an ipad), to see if there were any new books, And there was!! I got the new Diary of a Wimpy Kid book, one of the James Patterson middle school how I got lost in London and a few Barry loser books.

Then I checked my x box too see if Santa left any games because I asked for games and he brought lots including Lego Hobbit, Lego Batman 3 Beyond Gotham and hopefully he put another one that I wanted that comes out in January called Lego Marvel Avengers.

My dad made me the best brunch ever......... FRENCH TOAST AND BACON!!!!!!!!!

Well that’s really it for what happened on my Christmas day and I hope you had a great Christmas day.


By Tom

On Christmas morning me and Ben were up at 5:45 in the morning so we waited 15 minutes then went and got mum and dad up. We spoke for a while then when we went up me and Ben stopped on the last set of stairs and closed our eyes then walked up the stairs opened our eyes and BOOM! there were presents on the floor.

So we stepped over and started ripping our presents open I got a letter from Santa the same as Ben (read above) 3 vouchers 1 for a massage 1 for a speed boat trip and the last for canopy adventures zip line park. I also got three Xbox games I got Fallout 4 Just Cause 3 and Rise of the Tomb Raider that along with some books on my Hudl, clothes and mini lego. That’s my Christmas morning.


Continued by Mum - Christmas Dinner

We drove to The Island View Restaurant for Christmas dinner. The location is beautiful as you can see from the photos. We all had a drink and then settled down for dinner. The kids had the usual chicken, chips and French toast but Michael and I had an amazing six course dinner. Asparagus soup, salmon and sea bream, prawns with garlic, lemon sorbet, beef and then strawberry ice cream.

The food was brilliant. We all had dinner and drinks in this wonderful place and all for about £60. Not too bad at all.

We headed back to the villa and were able to watch a fireworks display on the beach.

So this year has been very different and although we missed our family and friends this is a once in a lifetime experience that we are so glad we have been able to do.

Dad's Christmas

My Christmas was as much about what I didn't get! I didn't get stressed, stuck in traffic jams, cold - and I didn't get socks! I did get some nice T-shirts and new shorts - very happy with that.

It was pretty special to spend Christmas in such a beautiful place - we never stop pinching ourselves and thinking about what an amazing adventure this is - and how lucky we are right now.

The kids had a great day and seemed really pleased with Santa's gifts. It was nice to see them so happy and excited - even without a sofa full of presents. Looking forward to New Year's Eve!

Santa does Thailand - who knew!

Ben and Tom

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Wow sounds like you all had an amazing Christmas! Glad Santa was able to bring you loads of nice things and you had a Christmas I’m sure you’ll never forget. Sending love from Belfast! Kelly & Richard xx

    Ben and Tom

    We had a brilliant day and we realize how lucky we are doing all this with the boys. Hope you all had a lovely time.

    Love from us all xx

June Silcock

What a wonderful time you guys are having. Your descriptions of events are brilliant. So glad Santa made it to Thailand for you boys. Our weather here is terrible so I am very very envious. Your car is still safely tucked up in my garden for your return.
Keep updating the website and posting the photos.
Take care all and Happy, Safe, Peaceful and Blessed New Year.
June. ( No 7) ❌⭕??

    Ben and Tom

    Thanks for your lovely comment. Keep checking for updates. Hope 2016 is a good one for you.

    Love from us all xxxx

Ali Donovan

Hi guys! I’ve just read your latest blog about the zip line! Mum – you definitely needed that beer! Reminded me of a few car journeys I had on my travels minus kids tho!!!! Glad you guys are embracing everything and enjoying life to the full. Keep writing. Mrs D 😉

    Ben and Tom

    Hi Mrs D,
    So glad you have checked out our site again. We continue to have a great time and we have moved back to Bali. Had a great day at Waterbom Bali and we will be posting an article about it soon.
    We hope you have a good few days off…we are still working. My Mum is a nightmare.

    Check in again soon

    Ben & Tom

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