About Us

We are Ben aged 10 and Tom aged 8. One day our mum and dad went boogaloo and decided to take us away for a year!!!!!! We decided to do it because our Mum and Dad work online so all we need is internet.

About Ben and Tom

Our mum and Dad went crazy looking at over 100 houses. When we finally got our house booked we were heading to Bali!!!

Over the year’s our mum and dad have taken us to some brilliant places. We know we are really lucky as we have already been to Spain quite a few times, Paris, Prague, Finland and Kefalonia. We would love to visit as many countries in the world as we can and think we have made a really good start.


        In Ruka - Finland




  Paris - 2014


      Kefalonia - Greece

My mum decided that she would teach us herself!! Not sure how this will work but we need to try. She has told us we will have to go to an International school if we don’t do the work, but I don’t believe her haha.


   NO More Uniform!   

About Ben

I’m Ben aged 10 I live in Belfast, Northern Ireland with my Mum, Dad and Brother. Well that’s a lie I actually don’t live in Belfast anymore because I’m on the other side of the world from there because I’m traveling the world for a year.


Now you know all about me or at least most things because most people on this website will be my friends and Toms friends and our family. Right stop talking Ben and let Tom tell you all about him - here he is just scroll down.

Thanks Ben

About Tom

I’m Tom aged 8 I am now in Bali because my mum and dad thought it would be a good idea to go on holiday for one whole year!!!! Also check the website every now and again because we might have written more about the holiday. (I hope that you do actually look at videos and read about our adventures) well that’s it!


By Tom

About Mum

I’m a crazy 46 year old woman with a crazier husband, who is also 46. We took a chance this year and I left work to start working with Michael. He works online and so can work anywhere with an internet connection. This has not gone quite according to plan as I have not done much work for him! I’ll be getting the sack. But that’s another story.

We had a conversation about why we were staying in Belfast when we could be anywhere, and so the seed was sown! We spent time speaking to friends, family and the school. Everyone was very supportive if not a bit shocked. Overall the reactions were very positive.

little brown feet

     Little Brown Feet    

After some research and many hours spent looking at properties online, we decided our first stop would be Bali for eight weeks. After that who knows!

We are keeping the plans very loose and don’t want to book too far in advance. The plan is to try and stay for 8 weeks in each place and only book the next destination just before we travel to it. Places of interest are Bali, Thailand, Philippines, Australia and Malaysia. We would also like to see Vietnam and Cambodia but these will be 7-10 day breaks along the way.

So now we are in Bali!! Working, home schooling and loving every minute. So far this has been a brilliant decision.

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So these four sets of Little Brown Feet are going exploring.....