Menjangan Resort

menjangan resort bali

Menjangan Resort - West Bali National Park

Report by Tom

On October 16th we went to Menjangan Resort for a day out. Made, the driver, came for us about nine in the morning. We decided to go to Pemuteran Beach, but only to have a look. It was a nice beach but we had other things to do.

We drove past a Monkey Temple and there was so many monkeys just sitting about doing nothing much. We had been told they are cheeky monkeys and they would try and steal sunglasses if they got near us. We didn’t stop or put the windows down! We got to Menjangan Resort which is in the national park at about 10.30am.

Menjangan means deer in Balinese and there are deer just roaming about the park. We saw them the day we went snorkelling.We parked right beside the Bali Tower, a tall tower that we went to the top of and had drinks. Mine was a banana milkshake with yogurt; I may as well have just been eating a banana.Mum and Dad had a coffee and Ben had water.

menjangan bali

There was a beautiful view; you could see the volcanoes on Java, Menjangan Island and the turquoise sea. It looked brilliant.

This bit is FUUUUNN.

We went downstairs and got on a Bingo Bus, not really, just a van with a platform on top where we sat. We headed down to the beach,it took about 10 minutes down a really bumpy road.It was great fun.

When we got there, there was a car stuck on something, when they moved we stopped(again) and got off. The beach had sun beds,umbrellas and a stand with water and cups.There were a few other people at the beach but still quite quiet.

When we got in the water it was only about 10cm deep, even if you went out really far. So that wasn’t fun, well not really.

We took a rest and sat on the beds while Dad went to a nearby pier and took photos...lots of them,like nearly 100! He told us the beach there looked really good so we walked round to it. It was better, way better and there was a freezing cold shower, probably 10°C. I’m used to 40°C don’t blame me but we are in Bali!

We went for a snorkel and it was brilliant, lots of coral and fish and the sea was really clear but a bit cold brrrrr. The views here were great. Mum was trying to be all arty farty taking photos, but I don’t think hers are as good as Dad’s.

As we were getting really hungry we went to the restaurant at the beach.I had golden chicken nuggets, Ben had chips, Dad had a triple decker sandwich and Mum had a jungle chicken burger. The food was great.

I forgot to say that on the way up from the beach we walked right past two deer!I have never been that close to wild animals before.They were just standing there out in the open. It was amazing.

menjangan deer

We got the Bingo Bus back to the tower and met Made, who drove us back to the villa.


Come on...I had to

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