Lake Batur and a Live Volcano

mount batur bali

Report by Ben

Today,23rd October, we went to Lake Batur. We wanted to go because we wanted to see a live volcano and a caldera. The caldera is the large volcanic crater formed by an eruption - they sometimes have lakes in them (Lake Batur)!

The drive was long, about 2 and half hours. Finally we reached our first destination which was a restaurant where we stopped for a drink. The view was amazing - the volcano Mount Batur was right in front of us!

mt batur volcano bali
bali volcano

When we came out there were people selling things everywhere and we couldn’t find our driver. First my dad looked and then my mum and then someone from the parking thingy came and he found him.

Then we headed off again to find the caldera. We also wanted to go to a temple. There was a temple just a bit away from the caldera. Lots of temples in fact as the mountains are very Holy in Bali.

At the top of the hill, on the way to the lake, there were two men standing when we finally got to them they stopped us. They were speaking Balinese to our driver Made. Then they asked us if we wanted a boat to the temple and we said no thanks.

lake batur bali

When we finally got to the lake/caldera there were people selling things everywhere. There was one man who was really getting on our nerves. He just didn’t go away! Now you think when you say no thank-you, you mean no. Not in Bali. We were honestly afraid to mention lunch in case anyone said “you wanna buy lunch, yes” So we asked Made our driver to take us back to the restaurant where we were before.

When we got there we were right in front of a live volcano. You could still see the black where the lava had been. It last erupted in 2000 and we could see the old black, hard lava.

Then we got lunch at the restaurant where the volcano was. My mum, dad and brother all had a buffet and I had chips. Our meal was really nice. The second time we found Made our driver easily, thankfully.

When we were coming back as I mentioned we wanted to go to a temple. We had looked up about a cemetery temple and wanted to go there. We couldn’t find it and just went in to a village temple called Bila Bajang. We thought we weren’t going to be allowed in because as always there was a ceremony on. But there was a guy who let us in.

When we went inside there were two trees that looked liked thousands of years old. The temple itself looked really old. The temple was the one where everyone from the village went when there were special events on or they were practicing the gamelan. The gamelan is like a Balinese band that play on special events. The temple was really nice and when we left we went back to the villa.

It was a long day, but we really wanted to see this volcano so it was worth and no one was sick!!!

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