Christmas in Koh Samui

By Mum We knew this year was going to be very different as we would be away from home for Christmas. None of the usual traditions would be followed and we would have to come up with alternative ways to spend our Christmas. As I have not been driving here I could not “nip to the shops” […]

Tantalising Thai Food

Report by Mum We have been in Koh Samui for about two weeks now and one of the most overriding things we have experienced is the wonderful food. We had certainly been spoiled by Nita in Bali who cooked all fresh Balinese food for us and we didn’t know how we would react to the changes […]

Fun Stuff From Bali

This is just a quick post with some stuff from Bali – we are always playing catch up with the website – so much to do and so little time. The kids spend quite a bit of time writing reports and making the videos and photos. It is part of their school work to learn […]

Koh Samui – First Impressions

by Dad – What? I thought we should do a quick roundup of our first impressions here in Koh Samui Thailand. The journey here was great fun – flight from Kuala Lumpur to Surat Thani then choosing to get the bus and ferry transfer from Surat Thani (mainland) to Samui was a good idea as it turned […]

Ceremonies, Celebrations and Cremations

 Report By Mum Bali has been a wonderful experience for us all and we are very sad to leave it and especially the people we have met during our stay. Although we are looking forward to Koh Samui in Thailand! One of the special things about Bali was the amount of ceremonies. They seem to have one […]

Lake Batur and a Live Volcano

Report by BenToday,23rd October, we went to Lake Batur. We wanted to go because we wanted to see a live volcano and a caldera. The caldera is the large volcanic crater formed by an eruption – they sometimes have lakes in them (Lake Batur)!The drive was long, about 2 and half hours. Finally we reached […]