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We had to make a quick visit to Singapore - not something you say every day! Long story, but the jist was we messed up visas going into Bali and needed to leave and come back. Decided on Singapore for 2 nights only.

Report from Singapore :   by Ben

On Tuesday the 29th of September we all went to Singapore because we needed another 30 day visa for Bali. The flight was quite short (around 2hours 35 mins) it felt even shorter because there was a screen were you could watch movies, play games, watch TV programmes and listen to music.

When we arrived in Singapore and saw the smoke we were shocked because we didn't know about it. It was coming from fires burning in Indonesia.  (have a look at that link - great pictures! ) And also the humidity was unbelievable.

The airport was very fancy and you had to queue for a taxi. When it was your turn for a taxi someone just said "That one" and just pointed at one and you just got in it. By that time you were basically a puddle of sweat and the taxis were really cold so it was amazing.

sing skyscrapers

When we got to the hotel (Metropolitan YMCA) we went up to the hotel room and got sorted chilled out for 15 minutes and then we went out for a walk. We went for a walk along the promenade which was right beside the sea.

We also saw lots of workers dismantling an F1track because there was a F1 one a few weeks ago. You were allowed to walk on the track where the drivers had been weeks before and we were the only ones walking right in the middle of the track because everyone was on the side of it.

Then we had McDonalds for dinner!!When we went in I ordered two large french fries, my mum had McSpicy burger so did my dad and Tom had a cheeseburger. The McDonalds didn't taste different to the McDonalds at home which is good haha

When we got back to the hotel me and Tom went on our iPads for about an hour and then everyone went to bed. We were woken by a huge thunder storm at about five am and everybody was looking outside at the lightning. The lightning was the only thing you could see beside the lights that were on in the other hotels. Then we all went back to sleep. I was very surprised I got back to sleep because normally at five it would be about an hour before I get up.

In the morning we went down to get some breakfast. I had 6 rounds of toast, my mum had fruit, toast and some chocolate muffin/cake type of thing, my dad had some beans, sausages, chicken, egg and toast and my brother had toast and sausages. All washed down with juice and coffee for the oldies haha.

Then we got a taxi to a shopping mall called Ion shopping mall and all the fancy shops were closed. I don’t think we were going to buy anything because all there was were big designer brands like Prada and Gucci and I’m sure their stuff would be hundreds of pounds.

Then we took a walk to a tour bus stop and we didn’t have any cash and the drivers wouldn’t accept card so they just let us on for free. Then it happened again. And it happened again. Then we got off in china town where we saw some nice looking street food. My mum and dad thought there was a McDonalds nearby and there was. Me and Tom had McDonalds but my mum and dad waited because they were going to have some street food - on Food Street!

food street singapore

Food Street!     

Then we got back on the tour bus back to a shopping mall near us called Lucky Plaza on Orchard Road before getting a taxi back to the hotel for some chill out time. After a while I had lots of messages to read because it was my birthday and my friends and family were sending me messages.

1000 Messages later it was time to go out!

We wanted to do something touristy while we were in Singapore and decided to go to Gardens by the Bay. We got a taxi and the driver told good jokes which were quite funny, like: “ Why did the boy throw butter out of the window?” “ He wanted to see butterfly” we thought he was great fun and his name was Sunny Sun.

He drove us to Marina Bay Sands Hotel, it was really high and very fancy. We went on a lift to the sixth floor but it seemed much higher. We all felt a bit dizzy looking up. The walkway took us over to Gardens by the Bay.

It was getting dark by now and at night they have a special light show with music - it was great.
We got some video -

We all loved the gardens and the show - a highlight of Singapore!


Marina Bay Sands Hotel     

By this stage it was late and we were getting hungry and we decided to try out the trains. They were very clean and fast and took us back to Orchard Road for something to eat.

Then we all went back to the hotel to get to bed because it was about eleven o clock by now. So everyone just got back and fell on their faces on their beds because we were so tired.

The next morning it was time to go back to Bali YYYYAAAAYYYY. We got up at about half past seven and had breakfast before going to the airport. We had only brought a carryon bag so all we needed to do was pretty much walk through security.

Singapore was not great and I don’t think we want to go back even though we had a great night at Gardens by the Bay.

Ben and Tom

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Great write up Ben, you took your time and put in lots of details. Keep up the great work

Love Mum

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